ULA is a passionate, focused, and proactive master architect from Slovenia. She has been working in the design industry since 2016 when she did a graphic design internship at the advertising agency Futura DDB in Slovenia. After finishing her Master‘s program in architecture she collaborated with different companies in the design field.

Her work experience has covered everything from interior and graphic design, decor, and even architecture. She pulls from all of these areas to create spaces that are creative, experiential, not forgetting to keep them safe and cozy. Her understanding of decor and conceptual design is what makes her a unique interior designer. After moving to Canada she strives to push the envelope and deliver unique nursery and kids room design experiences for the children as well as their parents.

As a very worldly person, Ula speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and Slovene fluently, allowing her to work with diverse clients. It is her ultimate goal to reach and exceed her client's expectations

PEDRO is the back-end planner and executor of every Ula’s idea. He is a grounded, organized, and result-oriented project manager from Brazil where he has helped numerous companies achieve their goals, and bring their projects to successful completion.

He brings his skills and expertise in leadership, planning, supervision, safety, and other
technical knowledge to help Ula create spaces for every family with all efficiency and safety.

As a Brazilian, he speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English fluently which gives Minimysa another opportunity to work with clients from different cultural backgrounds

Minimysa is a cozy place of nordic happiness.

Mysa (Swedish) translates to well-being coming from a snug and cozy environment, to get cozy, to cuddle up but is way more than that. The concept evolves around simple pleasures such as reading a book wrapped up in a blanket, having a conversation with family next to a fireplace, or enjoying good food and drinks with friends in a candlelit atmosphere. Mysa is actually everything that involves being relaxed, taking time out from everyday tasks, and being in the moment. And let’s be honest, is there a better time in life to cherish all these than when welcoming a newborn that needs all the attention, love, and cuddles in this world?

The main purpose of our partnership is to create spaces full of coziness, harmony, and peace for kids by following primary nordic design principles such as a neutral color palette, emphasizing the natural lighting, incorporating wood accents into the space, and most importantly the principle of “less is more”. Rooms designed in Scandinavian style are a perfect balance between simplicity & practicality on one side and variety of different textures & materials on the other and this is exactly what Minimysa strives for.

Our LOGO is inspired by a baby gym that has hanging toys attahced to it just like the heart is attached to the roof of our house. On the other hand, we have included a symbolic value in our logo. The house represents a family and the heart symbolises the baby/children as they bring so much happiness, joy and love to everyone.